Main Responsibilities

Functions of IWT

  • To perform water transport services in the state and to perform other related vessel services by this laws.
  • To perform security and safety of passengers, cargo, vessels and crew in providing water transport services and not to make the environment polluted in accordance with the existing law.
  • To perform passenger and cargo transportation along the coast and rivers stipulate by the ministry.
  • To procure and stare the raw materials, machineries and fuel needed for dockyards, construction and repairing of vessels.
  • To accept repairing construction and selling of new vessels owned by Government Department and Organizations, local foreign private organizations and other services.
  • To perform the tasks occasionally offered by the national security and interest.
  • To control the state properties and finances not to be wasted, Lost, damaged and stolen.
  • To perform any matters needed to increase the revenues and profit by the agreement of the Government and the Ministry.
  • To collect the money due by IWT accordance with the existing law and injecting to the state Fund.
  • To manage monetary affairs in accordance with financial rules and regulations.